at Cheekie Monkeys

at Cheekie Monkeys

EYFS Prime Areas

The prime areas are the aspects of learning that all children need as the building blocks for all other learning to take place.The prime areas are the focus therefore for the Mini Monkeys Room (0-2 years).

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Here at Cheekie Monkeys children will be provided with experiences and support which will help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and others; respect for others; social skills; and a positive disposition to learn. We will ensure support for children’s emotional well- being to help them know themselves and what they can do.

Communication and Language

Children’s learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening, being read to and beginning to read and write will be supported here at Cheekie Monkeys. We will provide them with opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence to do so.

Physical Development

The physical development of babies and young children will be encouraged through the provision of opportunities for them to be active and interactive and to improve their skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. They will be supported in using all of their senses to learn about the world around them and to make connections between new information and what they already know. They will be supported in developing an understanding of the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices in relation to food.